Minimising Stock. Maximising Profits.

Min 2 Max Merchandising offers businesses help and support with planning and optimising sales and stock. Our company ethos is Minimise to Maximise -minimise the amount of stock you are investing in and maximise your profit. Sounds a challenge but with over 20 years Merchandising Experience we can help you unlock the potential in your business. From a single store, or website to a large chain we have the capability you need to grow your profit.

Our Business proposition covers the following modules all bespoke to your business.

  • Upfront planning  -building a purchase plan.  Planning open to buy for your business
  • Range building.
  • Price planning.
  • Line level planning -how much to buy by article/sku.   How to classify your product line.
  • Product flow
  • Building and developing a Seasonal trading plan. Building a budget by week.
  • Building and developing a tactical trading plan.  Optimising promotions.
  • Analysing inseason sales results and taking action.
  • Sale planning and exit strategies.