About Me

I am Christine Cleaves and I have over 20 years experience heading up Merchandising. The Merchandising function exists to drive the trading performance of the business and in essence to get the right stock, to the right place at the right time in the right quantity at the right price!  My career was in the footwear sector, an area know for being challenging due to the highly complex size and fit base – having great availability in this sector is a real challenge.

Changing Face of Retail

In the 22 years I was in corporate I saw many changes in the retail and wholesale landscape. I was there when retailing was booming with the growth of out of town centres and the explosion of big department stores. Through this time I was able to respond to the changes by implementing new processes to ensure we had the right product mix and stock packages to support the growth. I was also there latterly when the retailing landcape became tougher, the internet became the primary growth channel and bricks and mortar started to decline. Through this time I implemented processes to ensure every last penny available for stock was spent in the best way.

Min2Max Retailing

Using all of the skills I had developed I set up Min2Max in January 2020. I now work with a diverse range of clients and offer a comprensive range of services.    Click below to see and hear from some of the clients I have worked with over the last year and to look at my services.