How I can Help

1. Developing Your Retail/Wholesale Strategy

Do you understand how your consumer is changing? Do you know who your primary consumer/customer really is and do you have plan to target a new consumer/customer? Do you understand your unique selling proposition of your business and how to market it? Do you have a growth plan?

If the answer to any of these questions is no or you are unsure then I can help.

2. Running a full Merchandise Diagnostic

I can help with all aspects of Buying and Merchandising.  This includes the initial setting of a purchase plan (how much you should buy to hit your sales). Setting a weekly sales budget to ensure you are accountable for performance. Assortment planning -ensuring your range or product line is the right size, ensuring your size and colour mixes are correct.  If you have a chain of stores grading them to ensure they receive the correct Assortment. Price planning and modelling.

I can support Merchandise planning as required. For some businesses this may be once a year on once a Season. For others this may be monthly. I offer complete flexibility around timescales.

3. Creating a trading calendar of events to drive footfall and traffic

Creating a trading plan linking into the key consumer moments for your business to drive your sales performance. This includes planning out your digital and social media strategy and creating content. Planning your sale and promotional plan and ensuring it is both profitable and legally compliant.

4. Training new buyers and merchandisers and supporting the recruitment process

If you are looking to set up Merchandising and Buying for the first time then please get in touch. I can help support the recruitment process and help with training and developing. This will ensure your team is set up for success from the start.

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