Case Studies and Testimonials

Lingerie Store -Juste Moi

As a Lingerie store Juste Moi faced a big challenge around ensuring they had great availability (difficult with so many sizes and fittings) whilst still ensuring they did not become over-stocked. With a store and website they offer a multi-channel experience. I helped them to build a clear reporting deck showing where they should be investing in more stock and where they could afford to cut back. Alison then used this deck to go into her buying meetings with suppliers. This took place via Zoom (as we were in the midsts of the Pandemic).

Christine can identify where and how to reduce stock investment whatever the size of your business. Merchandising and stock planning are often overlooked in small and medium sized businesses, but Christine is highly experienced, brilliant at what she does and very keen to put her vast knowledge and expertise to good use. She’s also approachable and down-to-earth, which is why she wants to help people like us to bridge the gap between buying and selling, and build a robust product mix to suit each of our different objectives; keep stock under control and support business grow” Alison Macdonald Juste Moi

Pet Shop The Pet Shed

Hannah owner of The Pet Shed has an accountancy background and a great grasp of numbers.  She shared her sales data with me prior to our session and then I spent an hour giving her simple tips and techniques to enable her to manage her purchasing more effectively. Here’s what she said.

“I have owned a shop for 6 years but during this time have never reviewed my purchase plan relying on the knowledge of my stock and customers to ensure that my stock levels are sufficient, my orders are appropriate in size and I don’t have too much money tied up in stock. I don’t always get this right!
Christine’s approach was very informative and she made the process straight forward and easy to understand. She clearly explained the terminology and the steps she had taken, and the conclusions she came to based on my data supported my own knowledge but also gave further insight. 
It was a pleasure working with Christine. I will be using what I have learnt in my purchasing strategy going forward and can clearly see how this will ensure that I will have less money tied up in stock.”
Hannah James

Sustainable Store -Barnes and Binns

I was lucky enough to spend a day in the Barnes & Binns store (I thoroughly recomend their nut butter machine!) to go through how you can segment your store into priorities and to help them to plan out a trading calendar to drive sales. We also looked at purchasing and best sellers planning.

“Working with Christine was an invaluable experience for us. Her knowledge and expertise really helped us find clarity in our future stock and purchasing planning and has given us a really good basis from which to grow and improve our business going forward” Sarah Binns Owner & Founder Barnes + Binns General Store