If you are a Wholesaler then our Wholesale services will help you drive more profit from your business. You may want a full overhaul of your business and want to work through everything from strategy to reviewing sales out, or you may just want to focus on orderbook planning. The option is yours. I can undertake the planning for you or I can train a team member to do the planning for you. Please get in touch for a free consultation.

Pre Season Planning -Strategy

  • Swot analysis of your business
  • Consumer Profiling and targeting new consumers
  • Strategic Plan
  • Setting a yearly, monthly and weekly order budget
  • Planning instock
  • Setting a returns budget

Pre Season Planning – Buying and Merchandising

  • Full Merchandise diagnostic
  • Planning how much stock you need to buy including managing returns and instock
  • Planning how many lines you need to buy to hit your sales budget
  • Planning price mixes, colour mixes and style mixes 
  • Building a Buy grid
  • Understanding and seeding you best sellers
  • Initial Forecasting and classifying your product line. 
  • Creating order windows
  • Reviewing your order book and updating your forecasts

Go To Market Planning

  • Developing a Seasonal trading plan to drive sell out
  • Social Media content planning and executing

Inseason Trading

  • Reviewing your sales out performance and taking action
  • Social Media content planning and executing