1 month ago
Top Tip 4 -Creating a trading plan

Top tip 4 -tips for retailers with shops, websites, marketplaces (NOTH/etsy etc). In under one minute!!!


Developing a trading plan to max out your sales.

1 month ago
Top Tip 3 - segment your store/site

Top tip 3 for retailing businesses (in under a minute). Do you have a shop, website, marketplace (Etsy/NOTH etc) then this is for you.

Segment your store or site into distinct areas to help you plan.

1 month ago
Top Tip 2 -Bottom Sellers

Top tip 2 for retailers. If you have a website, shop or run a marketplace this ones for you (and it will take less than a minute).


Know them, learn from them, don’t make that mistake again!

1 month ago
Top Tip 1 -Top 10 best sellers

Welcome to week 1 of ten top tips for retailing businesses. If you have a shop, website, sell on Etsy, NOTH this is for you and it will take less than a minute!

Love them, understand them to grow your retailing business.

2 months ago
Photos from Min 2 Max Merchandising Consultancy's post

A great trading plan will help you.
1. Plan out your sales budget by week.
2. Plan out you store/website/social media to hit that budget.
3. Give you all of the key dates in the Retail calendar.
Get ... See more

2 months ago
Bristol Business Festival | Hopin

Very excited to be hosting a virtual booth at this years Bristol business fair on the 23rd and 24th September. #stockplanning #retailing #merchandiseplanning #smallbusinesses ... See more

The Bristol Business Festival, bringing together the Bristol Business Community to celebrate and showcase its talents

3 months ago
Timeline Photos

A great meeting yesterday to discuss the relaunch of the fantastic Breul handbag collection. Really looking forward to working on this project and launching the handbags in time for Christmas. ... See more

4 months ago
Timeline Photos

I've been playing around with infographics (every days a school day!) and have created a 5 step guide to planning for retailing businesses post lockdown.
For the full size hit the link and for ... See more

4 months ago
Photos from Min 2 Max Merchandising Consultancy's post

Don't neglect your stock! I am offering a free weekly bootcamp on stock planning as we come through Lockdown. If you run or work in a business that purchases stock please take a look at week ... See more

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